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Wichita's Premier Women-Only Bootcamp

The Optimal Girl Bootcamp is designed to connect you with like-minded females in a supportive and fun group setting. The curriculum focuses on increasing self confidence, weight loss, strength gains, broadening your social support system & gaining training knowledge.

weekly calender


2pm OGB Boot Camp

4pm OGB Glute Camp


6pm OGB Boot Camp


930am OGB sole sisters

430pm OGB Teachers in Training

6pm     OGB sole sisters


10am   OGB boot camp

6pm     OGB hiit (30min)

630pm OGB glute camp


5am   OGB boot camp

930am sole sisters

6pm   OGB boot camp


6am   hiit (30min)


730am  boot camp

830am  boot camp

Call or come by today to sign-up! 316-440-4440


"This is by far the BEST personal training I have had! I have gained confidence, muscle and friendships that I am so grateful for! This is so much more than a gym!" - Michelle M.

"The Optimal Bootcamp has really changed my outlook on myself and other people. I work third shift and am a homebody so I don't meet people or get out much." - Skylar A.

"March 1, 2018 I was injured.I broke my right wrist and injured my left knee to the point I was told I would need a replacement. I insisted on trying physical therapy and it helped. I have gained so much muscle tone and confidence from this class! Kate really helped me work through my injury to the point that I feel better than ever!" - Lisa P. (S.O.L.E. Sisters)

"Starting this session 7 weeks after I gave birth to my 4th baby is helping me get stronger faster! I feel great and love the accountability and motivation of working out with others!" - Natalie F.

"Kate is a phenomenal coach. She knows her stuff & knows how to encourage us “slightly older ladies” to go for it in the weight room. I can feel my muscles growing!" - Janet K. (S.O.L.E. Sisters)

"Optimal provides a welcome space for women to achieve individual goals within supportive small workout groups. Kate makes an focused effort to help me focus on individual needs while keeping the group individually injury free." - Cindy P.

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